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Wearing & Styling A Crop Top

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Step-By-Step Guide to Wearing & Styling A Crop Top

By Jennie Mae

As a “plus sized” woman, I understand how hard it can be to want to wear certain pieces of clothing. Fear not, dear fiends! I have put together a step-by-step guide with tips on how to wear and style one of the most feared articles of clothing – the crop top.

Step 1: Put it on

Take baby steps. Pick out a long shirt and tie it up in the front. Consider different shapes – square and boxy, oversized, and long sleeves. Layer over your favourite sweater. Pair with a mid-rise vest or a long blazer. Sneak one in under some overalls. Hi-low crops pair perfect with a midi pencil skirt. These options show less skin and makes for an easier transition to the crop top world. Now wear them with everything.

Tip: Balance the outfit's silhouette – if you're wearing something tight on your top half, balance the bottom with a voluminous skirt or culotte pant. Same goes with the reverse. If the top is oversized, pair with a pencil skirt or high waisted skinny jean.

Step 2: Go outside

LEAVE. THE. HOUSE. This is a crucial step. Mirror admiration can only go so far. You got this. Go!

Step 3: Rock it, girl!

You've put together your outfit, now strut your stuff. You look great. You're worth every moment.



REMEMBER: Waist sized does not define your worth! Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. You can push the barriers of fashion, one crop top at a time!

photo credit: Jennie Mae © 2016

Featured Photo Outfit - skirt: Build Your Empire Clothing Co • crop top: thrifted/DIY • leggings: thrifted • socks: Target •  shoes: Vans

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